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An electric gate opener is the mechanized arm that helps your automatic gate open and close. A signal is sent from an access control, such as a remote control or keypad that tells the motor to open or close the gate. It will automatically reverse in direction if it hits an obstacle and can stay open if instructed.

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Electric Gate Openers In Los Angeles

  • Automatically open or close your gate
  • Are available for swing gates or sliding gates
  • Require a power supply that could be electric or solar power
  • must fit the size of the gate to work properly

The three most popular things electric gates are made from are wood, aluminum, or wrought iron. Also, this gives you the ability to match the environment around and the style of your home. A wooden gate would add class to a country or mountain home. Whereas houses in a more urban setting might be better off with wrought iron.

How Does An Electric Gate Opener Work?

There isn’t much difference between an electric gate opener and a garage door opener. When you click the provided hand-held transmitter in your vehicle, a radio signal is sent to a receiver box that is mounted near the gate. Also, the receiver carries the message to the control box that activates a circuit which initiates movement in the gate opener arm. The arm will physically swing or slide the gate open. The gate can be set to then close by pressing the transmitter button again or to close automatically after an allotted amount of time.

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What Gates Will An Electric Gate Opener Work On?

Electric gate openers are manufactured to work with various swing and sliding gates. Also, each has a power rating to compensate for the variety of sizes and weights of each gate.

Swing gate openers come in two basic styles: Linear and Articulated. The Articulated Arm style is pad mounted and works better on heavier than normal gates and high use situations. It is not recommended to use a solid wood gate, as wind resistance could pose a problem. Also, it creates an additional strain on the wood frame. This can lead to cracking or long-term bending of the wood.

Swing Gate Openers

You should weigh several factors before purchasing an electric gate operator:

  • The type of gate – swing or sliding
  • The weight of the gate
  • The length of the gate
  • Frequency of use and traffic through the gate
  • Will An Electric Gate Opener Work With My Gate?

If a gate is already installed, it is important to make sure that it will work with an electric gate opener. They will work with most well-made gates however you should check that your gate is in good operating condition. Also, check your gate for the following:

  • Is it plumb and level?
  • Does it swing freely on its hinges?
  • Can it move without dragging on the ground?
  • Is the gate posts strong enough and secured in the ground with concrete to minimize flex or twist?
  • Does the gate have a horizontal cross member to provide stability?

Installing Electric Gate Openers

Electric gate openers can be purchased and installed by All County Fence & Gates. These professionals have the right tools, equipment, and training to perform the installation properly and safely. Just make sure you hire a qualified contractor for the job.

Please remember that every electric gate opener and its usage are unique, therefore, it is imperative to obtain professional advice about suitable openers from qualified electric gate installers. Additionally, they must comply with the latest safety guidelines.

At All County Gate Fence and Gate, we offer a fully licensed and insured company that can design, install, and/or repair an electric gate system for your home, lot, or office building. You will receive top-notch service that is both fast and efficient. The All-County Gate and Fence word are as strong as the gates we build. We will always stand by our initial quotes and estimates and never tack on any hidden fees or extras mid-job.

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