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The Benefits of Wrought Iron Fences by County Fence & Gates

At All County Fence & Gates, we offer fences and property divisions to suit style, security, or functional specifications. But, if you are looking for an option that will add another level of class and distinction to your property, look no further than our extensive line of wrought iron fences.

Wrought iron fences have a singular distinction about them and have always skirted the perimeters of the most stylish and opulent properties throughout history.

As a leading provider of Fencing solutions in Los Angeles, All County Fence & Gates has many years of providing superior services to the locals. Wrought iron fences are our specialty and we provide our valued local clients with a wide range of material options including steel fences of the same style and beauty.

If you have been considering improving the security, curb appeal, and posh aspect of your commercial or residential property, here are some of the reasons you should consider a pristine wrought iron fence for your aesthetic and functional needs.

The Top Benefits of Wrought Iron Fences from County Fence & Gates

Wrought Iron Fence
Wrought Iron Fence Company
Wrought Iron Fencing
Wrought Iron Fence Contractor

1. Durability

Are you looking for something that needs little maintenance and still be enjoyed by future generations long into the future? Then, you will want a wrought iron fence for sure. Did you know there are wrought iron fences, the finest estates, manors, and mansions that were installed in the 1800s? Most of the other options you will find will last about 15 years, or require extensive service and maintenance to last a bit longer.

2. Timeless Beauty

Humans have been portioning off pieces of land for a long time and it is something we have perfected with some elegance and beauty. There are many ways to accomplish a decent property divider, but only one option has retained a lofty station as the most stylish and prestigious option. No matter your type of architecture or property value, your wrought iron fence will add a new level of distinction and class. Furthermore, this especially versatile type of fencing material can be used on every type of terrain and location.

3. Security

So you are looking for a formidable fortification that can withstand the hordes of Genghis Khan? There is nothing as stalwart as the wrought iron fence. You can rest assured that unless intruders are driving tanks, you will be safe from any exterior impact behind this immovable property divider.

This is not the type of security you could expect from a wooden palisade, aluminum, or vinyl fencing option. The smallest amount of pressure from the exterior could provide an entry point.

Furthermore, most types of fences are fairly easy to climb over. The only way to avoid this is to top your fence with barbed wire. As any real estate agent could tell you, that makes a home as charming as a correctional institution.

A wrought iron fence can provide this same caliber of insurmountable exterior protection while still looking warm and inviting if a little posh and exclusive. It is important to consider that a wrought iron fence is not the best if privacy is what you are looking for. But, by the same measure, you will also enjoy a more commanding view of the surrounding areas and this is actually better in some situations.

4. Low-Maintenance

For every perfectly installed iron fence that has withstood the test of time, there are thousands of others that have deteriorated long before their time. This really comes down to the proper installation and maintenance the fence receives. While maintenance is not difficult or very demanding, it is essential to the preservation of your wrought iron fence.

Final Notes on Wrought Iron Fences Los Angeles

Your wrought iron fence will be a joy forever. If you hope to maximize the value and performance of your new fence, you will want to ensure that it has been installed by the experts. Call County Fence & Gates at 818-720-3316 today to get in touch with a superior hardscaping company in Los Angeles and arrange for a FREE estimate today!