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We are All County Fence & Gate, the premier Vinyl Fence Company in beautiful Tarzana, Ca. If you look around, you can see our Fencing all over Los Angeles. We’re proud and honored that our business has contributed to such a beautiful place.

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A fence is a good way to ensure that your home has enough security. A good fence that has been installed by a professional installation company is a guarantee that you will have the privacy and security you need. Are you looking for a vinyl fence specialist in Los Angeles? All County Fence & Gates is your answer. We contractors that specialize in fence installation, repair, and fence design for residential properties as well as businesses.

One of the materials we use for fencing is vinyl. Vinyl fences have become more popular over time, mainly due to their durability. We install the best quality of vinyl fences for our clients that need it and ensure that they get the many benefits of a well-installed vinyl fence.

What benefits can you get from a professionally installed vinyl fence?

It is easy to install, which means for experts like us, it will take a very short time before you can have a great fence around your home or business. The materials are light so they’re easy to transport which means that there are no unnecessary delays that come from transportation issues arising.

Vinyl Fence Company
Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences last long when properly installed. With the right maintenance, you could have a great fence, that is in top condition, for decades. That means that you will not have to worry about issues like replacement that is too costly. Vinyl is also desirable because termites do not get to it unlike fences made of wood.

A vinyl fence comes with various options and we help you design it according to your preference. Having a vinyl fence is an advantage because you can choose what you want the overall look to be and can coordinate the fence design with the house design for better aesthetics.

Why Choose All County Fence & Gates


We have been doing fence installation for decades, which means that we are experts at vinyl fence installation. We can design your vinyl fence to make it look outstanding and add curb appeal to your home or business. We are highly professional fence contractors so we give you high-quality results. Furthermore, our expertise allows us to be able to identify the issues you may face with your face and give you insight on when you will require maintenance for the fence.

Skilled And Certified

We know that you do not want your vinyl fence to be installed by unskilled contractors. Our company is a licensed one, so all the personnel have the proper certification for the job. This is what ensures that all our clients get high quality of work. We always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations from the moment they contact us to the moment we finish the job. Additionally, we are aware of the regulation codes and ensure that your fence is built with these in mind.

Great Reputation

Our previous clients can attest to the fact that we are expert installation contractors. We value our customers and always look forward to giving them brilliant results. We use the best quality of materials to ensure that your fence remains in great condition for years to come. We are dependable, knowledgeable, efficient and a top fence installation company in Los Angeles.


Vinyl fences are not as expensive as other fences because the materials are affordable, so we always give our clients the best prices. Once you choose us to install your fence you are guaranteed a good quality fence at a price that will not ruin your budget.

Call us today to get your vinyl fence installation estimate and speak to our friendly customer service for any additional information you need.