Fence and Gates in Thousand Oaks-Selection Tips
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Fence and Gates in Thousand Oaks-Selection Tips

Know how to choose the best fence and gates in Thousand Oaks? Whether you want to add more privacy to your property, secure your pool, block chilly winds, keep your dogs in or mask street views, having a solid and functional fence is imperative.

All County Fence and Gate is the fence company that cares. We can help you choose the right fencing for your yard or property. We’re renowned in and around Thousand Oaks for constructing highly functional, beautiful and durable fencing structures. So you can trust us to make the right choice for you. From choosing the best fencing materials, designs to estimating your costs, we do it all. Let us know your fencing needs, and we’ll handle the rest.

Unsure on how to choose the right fencing for your property? Here are some of the things to consider when choosing the right fencing for your property.


The type of fence you choose depends on your privacy concerns. If you’re looking for total privacy, choose a fence with no space between the boards. A lattice with tight spaces is a good option to consider, particularly if you combine it with climbing plants with lush foliage.

The height of your fence and gates in Thousand Oaks will largely depend on the slope of your landscape as well as your neighbor. Ofcourse, you also have to consider local building codes, before deciding the height. To measure if your fence provides ample privacy, stand up and try to look outside. If you can see outside the fence may not give you the privacy you require

Sometimes not all areas of your yard require maximum privacy. In this case, consider choosing a stepped fencing design. This type of fence has a stair-step design, which means some parts of the fence are taller than others depending on your privacy needs. All County Fence and Gate is your premier provider of fencing solutions in Thousand Oaks. Whether your fence is made, it’s a wood fence, chainlink, wrought iron, or vinyl, trust our experienced technicians to provide your property with maximum privacy.


If you wish to block strong winds but don’t want to compromise on lighting and grand views, consider using glass on your fencing, if you’re interested in views outside, a fence with little gaps between boards can work well. You can also go for a high fence height to keep winds from sitting or areas around the grill. The team at All County Fence and Gate has all the necessary experience and personnel to install a solid fence that will keep strong winds at bay.


Attributes of a secure fence include tall height, sturdy, hard to grip and lockable gate. Good security feet should measure a minimum of 8 feet high. A 6-foot high fence isn’t secure enough even if you add several inches of the trellis. All County Fence and Gate can deter intruders from climbing your fence, incorporating flush boards and horizontal rails.


If you reside in a busy street, we’ll advise you to consider fence with tall height. Plus, we recommend you go with fences with close spaced boards such as lattice designs to allow maximum light inside.


Are you trying to keep your dogs on your property? The crucial thing is to know your dogs? Are they diggers or jumpers? How High does your dog jump? Fences measuring 3 to 4 feet are ideal for smaller dogs. Large dogs require a high fence for those with diggers, All County Fence and Gate recommends burying your fence at least 5 inches deep.


If you don’t have kids in your home, it’s still important to take steps to secure your pool. Chances are your neighbor’s kids could sneak into your home and get to the pool. For the sake of safety, build a fence around your pool to prevent any surprises. All County Fence and Gate is an experienced provider of safe fencing services. We install wood, wrought iron, chain link and vinyl fencing. Contact us today to learn more about our range of fencing and gates solutions.


All County Fence and Gate is a premier fencing contractor committed to providing quality fencing solutions. We work tireless day and night with the goal of meeting and satisfying our client’s expectations. Want to work with a fencing company that won’t cut corners? Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.